The Problem With Faith

I am also so blessed by this site and encouraged by the number of people who want to know more about these topics. We, as humans, are so obsessed with earning and producing that even as we talk about grace we have to constantly qualify everything with the fact that, when you experience true grace, your behavior will improve and works will follow. As if behavior and works were the ultimate goal, rather than having uninterrupted union with God, and experiencing his complete love and favor.

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  • We need a Revelation of Christ and not a religion about Christ.
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  • A Hindu atheist would declare oneself as a Hindu, although also being an atheist at the same time.
  • The coming age will demand reason alongside its righteousness, a sharper intelligence rather than a drugged one, and a religious truth rather than religious distortion and debasement.
  • But there has been a noticeable increase in the share of religiously affiliated adults who say they turn to their religious teachings for guidance.
  • In A History of the Bible, John Barton argues that the Bible is not a prescription to a complete, fixed religious system, but rather a product of a long and intriguing process, which has inspired Judaism and Christianity, but still does not describe the whole of either religion.
  • Indeed, few forces have historically been more powerful than religion in shaping people’s existences.

The differences may be subtle but they are important. Accepting a substantive definition of religion means looking at religion as simply a type of philosophy, a system of bizarre beliefs, or perhaps just a primitive understanding of nature and reality. From the substantive or essentialist perspective, religion originated and survived as a speculative enterprise which is all about trying to understand ourselves or our world and has nothing to do with our social or psychological lives. On the positive side, religion and spirituality can help promote positive beliefs, foster community support, and provide positive coping skills.

Trump Sides With Russia Again, Calls Jailed American Brittney Griner ‘spoiled’

Therefore, it’s all about ‘you’, what ‘you’ need to do. Such a lovely way of laying out the truth that we are right now, the beloved Bride of Christ. He welcomes people of all nationalities and cultures, and backgrounds… EVEN CHRISTIANS too. I always tell people he healed you or gave you that blessing because he loves you.

Beliefs About Holy Scripture

The propagandist that dominate many of our mainstream news outlets ensure this. But, the truth is, many of our religions have already asserted themselves through force and violence in the past. Religion facilitates erroneous rationalization of the attempts to remove basic rights from others. It prevents people from living in peace as a community and within their own lives. It forces entire groups of people to work tirelessly to create and preserve rights that should be available to them already. For human unity and peace to ever become a part of our experience, we must become more aware of how our beliefs divide us and work to reconcile this division by placing our humanity above our religious contentions.

In these popular religions, committing suicide or murder is a cardinal sin and against all teachings, and any act of it will be automatic damnation to Hell. Philip G. Zimbardo Ph.D. states in his journal, “What Messages Are Behind Today’s Cults? His theory is that if a member of a conventional church isn’t happy with the way the church is being ran, or even disagrees with the teachings, one can choose to leave the church in search of a new path, no problem. If one doesn’t agree with a cult’s teachings once they have already pledged their allegiance and attempts to leave, that member is now looked at as a traitor and can be held hostage, be punished, or even killed for their unsupportive feelings toward the group and it’s leader. These points of differences are very subtle, but they are a big factor is what distinguishes the two groups.

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(It doesn’t follow that religious people don’t believe, just that they need not). Given the potential benefits linked to religious affiliation, some may wonder if it might be a bad thing not to be religious. While studies suggest that religion may have health benefits, you don’t need to ascribe to a set of organized religious beliefs to reap these rewards. Taking steps to engage in healthy behaviors, form social connections with others, and strengthen your coping skills are steps you can take to obtain those benefits that religion often provides. Religious and pastoral counseling can be an important resource for people of faith who want to incorporate their religious and spiritual beliefs into their treatment.

What Is Religion?

I think that it’s the conflict narrative imperative of journalism that breeds the false assumption that culture wars are really rife. The Supreme Court doesn’t just give a kind of constitutional stamp of approval that this is a kosher enterprise to teaching about religion; it consistently goes beyond that. It says not only is it acceptable, but it’s imperative. It’s kind of unusual for the court to do this kind of thing. Usually, they just rule on the law and they leave it alone. The Bible course would address the issue of domestic politics, where the Bible is the de facto scripture of American politics.

Is Religion Good Or Bad For Us?

There was a story about six or eight months ago on a study that was done of Ireland and how much people in Ireland knew about Catholicism and Protestantism. But before I get to that, the answer is, yes, there are places where this is being done. Dave’s article in Time magazine does a good job in talking about this on the Bible side. On the side of the world religions courses, there’s an interesting experiment that’s being done in Modesto, Calif., and CBS Evening News is doing a piece on this, right – I don’t think anybody’s here from CBS.