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Only Mormon and Jewish faithful scored as well as atheists and agnostics. In addition, state atheism emerged in Eastern Europe and Asia during that period, particularly in the Soviet Union under Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, and in Communist China under Mao Zedong. Atheist and anti-religious policies in the Soviet Union included numerous legislative acts, the outlawing of religious instruction in the schools, and the emergence of the League of Militant Atheists.

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  • And that, to me – I’m a historian of American religion – so that actually interested me, and I didn’t know the answer to that.
  • However, modern psychology recognizes that religion can play an important role in an individual’s life and experiences and can even improve health and well-being.
  • Cosmic forces are communicating themselves to the human mind.
  • Starting at the birth of Christianity—a religion inextricably bound to Western thought—Jack Miles reveals how the West’s “common sense” understanding of religion emerged and then changed as insular Europe discovered the rest of the world.
  • Other critics of religion and the Church during this time included Niccolò Machiavelli, Bonaventure des Périers, Michel de Montaigne, and François Rabelais.
  • Joseph Baker and Buster Smith assert that one of the common themes of atheism is that most atheists “typically construe atheism as more moral than religion”.

Scholars and https://stillpointyoga.ca/ students of theology will benefit most from the thought-provoking concepts presented throughout. He goes on to briefly trace its influence on Western thought, its schisms & how the Protestant idea that the Bible is true is running into issues with science. In this version he also explains his own beliefs, sort of. That didn’t add anything for me, but it might for those who are religious.


Yet it cannot afford to disdain the proffered hand of traditional experience, authoritative knowledge, and group association. The needed revelation must be relevant to external conditions and adequate to internal outlook. Those who are no longer attracted by church religion, who believe its claims are exaggerated and its dogmas untenable, can go forward towards higher religious truth only by going forward into a more mystical and more scientific cult. Instead of wasting time trying to resurrect the dead forms of an old faith, many people were moved up by the war closer to this point of view. What I’d like to do today is talk a little bit about this religious literacy project that I’ve been working on. Let me say at the very beginning, though, that there are two ways to talk about religion.

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But today, when men are becoming mentally individualized and when illiteracy is becoming rapidly eliminated, people can read and reflect over sacred scriptures for themselves and with their own understanding. Not only will there be no religious ceremonials, no paid clergy, but there will be no public prayers. For these, sooner or later, tend to degenerate into hollow, meaningless formalities.

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With the subsidence of present turmoils, the human ego will resist the realization of its spiritual possibilities less fiercely, if more subtly, than in the past. There is a real basis for the hope that we have seen the worst in man’s conduct and that he will begin to reflect some better qualities and nobler attitudes. In this faith, we may work for a more spiritual future, sure that our efforts will not be in vain or futile.

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Religion must organize itself on a more intellectual basis to meet modern needs. It must present a fuller system, which will intelligibly explain the inner meaning of man, God, and the Universe. It must not contradict the verified knowledge of modern science. It ought no longer to attempt to outrage reason, but should go out of the way to convince it. It must be so timely and reasonable that it will give satisfying intelligent answers to the most disconcerting questions.

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Whoever thinks that these people will be permitted to relapse into torpor again with the conclusion of the war is mistaken. New forces have entered the planet’s atmosphere which will increasingly bring powerful inner and outer pressure to bear on its inhabitants, because the ego is destined to evolve in a different direction. Hitherto it has, in most human beings, travelled farther and farther away from its hidden centre, the Overself, as it expanded its own circumference. Henceforth it will, while holding whatever is of worth in its previous gains, return closer and closer to that centre. And it will do this partly because planetary evolution has reached a point where it will enforce it and partly because it is itself so constituted that it cannot escape time by a return to the source of its own life.